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The “Wellhead Control and Safety Panel” (WHCP for its acronym in English) is a fully integrated hydraulic control system for the execution of valve operations located at the head (“Tree or X-Mas Tree”) of oil and associated gas production wells, such as:

  • “Storm” or “bottom” valve also known as Down Hole Valve (DHV) or Surface Controlled Subsurface Safety Valve (SCSSV).
  • “Master” Safety Valve, also known as “Master Valve” (MV) or Surface Safety Valve (SSV).
  • “Wing” or “Production” valve, also known as Wing Valve (WV)

According to the operating conditions of each Well or group of Wells, the design of these TSCP/WHCP’s is very variable and it is necessary to adjust it to the specific needs of each location.

There are many options available for the design and manufacture of these Boards, such as:

  • Special Working Pressure Levels
  • Pneumatic-Hydraulic Control
  • Electronic-Hydraulic Control or
  • Purely Hydraulic Control

As well as particular adaptations for:

  • Bypass Sections (By-Pass),
  • Choke Valve Control,
  • Maintenance,
  • Operation of Water Injection Systems,
  • Link to Digital Control Systems, Etc.

    At TRAC we work hand in hand with our clients in identifying their needs and developing the TSCP/WHCP design that best meets the specific requirements for an efficient and timely execution of its manufacture, as well as the training of Installers, Operators and support during Commissioning and Start-up.

    We offer TSCP/WHCP solutions with design expertise for high availability using SIL2 and SIL3 capable components.

    Additionally, we have the WASP® Family of PREFABRICATED products in “Self Contained Unit” format (Self Contained Unit = SCU) for isolated solutions that require:

    • Control of one or two surface valves (WV, MV/SSV)
    • Control of Surface and Subsurface Valves (WV + MV/SSV + DHV/SCSSV)
    • Manual pumps
    • Electro-Hydraulic Pumps with Solar Energy Systems incorporated
    • Digital Monitoring of Well Pressure Behavior
    • Incorporation into SCADA Supervision Systems via Modbus RTU or TCP/IP Protocol
    • Integration to 3G / 4G / 5G networks


    TRAC has designed and manufactured Industrial and commercial panels for electrical control and automation systems in a wide range of industries and applications for over 14 years.

    Our offer:

    • Prepare the Engineering, design and manufacture of a solution according to its Specifications / Processes / Sequence of Events.
    • Update Process Automation Systems (SAP) and Engine Control Centers.(CCM)
    • Quick response to quote and delivery according to your needs.
    • Full scope of start-up services for your electrical control system.
    • Systems and control boards for AC / DC variable speed drives.
    • PLC control panels and systems.
    • Custom design engine control centers.
    • Combined systems for engine starting.
    • Human-Machine interface systems.
    • Process control systems.

    HIPPS (High-Integrity Pressure Protection System

    With single or double valve, on integrated skid or independent components; pneumatic, hydraulic or gas line operated. Systems with API 5000 5 ”valves with closure <2 seconds, 20” ANSI 1500 valves with closure <1 second, and valves up to 36 ”ANSI 600 in crude oil pipes with closure <4 seconds. We have special Metal-Metal, PEEK, stem, full bore and shareable valves for cleaning with Devils (“Piggable”).

    A SIMPLE integrated solution, requiring only the power supply and the desired communication links to be ready to protect your facilities.

    Systems certified to SIL 3 level by independent auditor and with start-up and commissioning services worldwide.

    TRAC can also support you in maintaining the systems and making the necessary improvements, such as updating to new emerging technologies in the market. Available SIL2 configurations with 1002 or 2003 pneumatic logic for gas lines. Save time, space, weight, money and the hassles associated with Safety (Relief) Valves.


    Design, specification, installation and commissioning of fire and smoke detection systems according to NPFA standard, certificate UL and FM for industrial installations and offices. Using addressable analog detection panels, photoelectric, thermal, multivariable detectors, manual stations and diagnosable monitors.


    • Design, Development, Assembly, Installation and start-up of Electrical, Vibration and Temperature Protection Systems.
    • Monitoring and Speed ​​Control of Compressors, Turbines, Motors, Pumps and Process Valves.
    • Integration of Communications with Third Party Teams. Storage of Historic and Events.
    • Reports and Data Centralization for a more complete and efficient monitoring.


    • Modernization to Existing Systems.
    • Implementation of the best Available Technology.
    • Extensive Experience in Automation Systems.
    • Control and Instrumentation in Turbo Machinery equipment.
    • High Availability of Service Personnel.